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Rock bottom… figuratively

I am a creature of hustle and bustle. I may not be organised but my everyday activity is continuous. I go from one task to the next without thinking about slowing down. In fact some would almost call it constant acceleration from the time i wake up to the time i rest my head again.

And i’m addicted.

At the moment i have the flu and am under bed arrest, which has forced me to reflect on what it is i am trying to achieve and what i am actually doing to my body. SLEEP is essential for the human body. I used to think it was so overrated and used to rebel at my parents plea for lights off at 10pm. Now i know. Months of living off 6 hours sleep a night in combination with study, a part time work schedule and numerous other responsibilities drove my body into the ground. Regardless of how tired i would get i kept pushing because i needed more and was addicted to the results i was getting.

And my body gave up before my mind did.

Months of stress and overwork wrecked havoc to my immune system and i crashed a good deal faster than 9.81m/s. And it has been the most mentally painful time of my life. Not being productive has lead to suicidal thoughts which has shaken me. Is my purpose to work?

For now, rock bottom is where i am and i hope i never find myself here again. The good news is, the only way to go now is up!






Change ?

We’re scared of it. Our brains are hardwired to dislike anything which we are not familiar with. The fear shuts off our actions and makes us second guess ourselves.

What will everyone else think? Or… But we are only a single unit in a world of billions? How can a single human being create a significant impact with issues so large that many think it would be impossible even with a collaborated effort?

I was once a little girl with dreams so big that adults would say I was impossible. Hearing this time and time again, I began to be desensitised to the word ‘impossible’ and began to look for ways to prove myself. Science was the bank of facts I called upon every single day. From then on, ‘impossible’ was just a construct of the human mind.

You can’t make change. You are the change.

Every difference you create in your life is influencing the decisions of others and every thing you pay for is putting money down an economic channel funding some system at a base level.

Use your decisions, use your imagination, inspire others and ultimately spiral an effect.

Change begins in yourself.

CTA: Chasing Coral –


The Early Bird and the Worm

5am. 6am.

We all complain about not having enough time, so let’s make more time!

Research has shown it and the elders have preached it – getting up early is the first step towards success in life. The thought makes many people completely shut off, but why?

Seeing the morning arrive every day is one of the most refreshing things one can do. Waking up in the dark and starting work when it is just getting light is very grounding and makes me personally feel very positive.

Use the 5 second rule. It takes approximately 2 seconds for your brain to react to your thoughts. When your alarm goes off, immediately sit up… stand up. Train your brain and block out all the voices encouraging you to stay in bed that 15 extra minutes.

Those first few hours is what sets you up for the day. I haven’t always been an early riser but I know my productivity has significantly increased since setting my alarm clock a few hours earlier. There’s no way I can go back.

So, what about the saying? It’s all good for the bird, but what happens when the worm realises that it must go to bed early ?




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